Food List for Kitchen

Help Us Feed
The Hungry

We will be feeding hungry people every weekday at the Herrin House of Hope and that requires a lot of food in big quantities.  We're collecting items from churches, local businesses, grocery stores and restaurants, but we still have to purchase plenty of food.

You can help! 

Just pick up some of the items we need when you shop.  You can always purchase the small containers at your local grocery store, but if you shop at SAMS CLUB, we've made it easy for you to pick up some of the large quantity items we use all the time.

Download the PDF and print it out.

It's a list of items we regularly buy from SAMS CLUB, but with full color pictures of the item along with the bar code and price.  Next time you go to SAMS CLUB, take it with you.  Grab one of the associates and just point and say, 'I need that!"  

Drop it off at the Herrin House of Hope and help us keep our kitchen fully stocked with the staples we need to feed the hungry.

Click to download the full color booklet
of staples you can purchase from SAMS CLUB.