Our Mission


The Herrin House of Hope is a ministry that helps the needy in the Herrin area.  It is sponsored by the Herrin area churches, businesses, and residents who recognize that Jesus calls us to care for one another and especially those who are unable to meet their basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter.

But beyond that, the dream of the Herrin House of Hope is to help provide guidance, training, and encouragement to enable many to become independent and self-sustaining. The vision of the Herrin House of Hope is to serve as a clearing house for help provided by many churches and governmental agencies. This enables those in need to easily access the help that is available and assures that the assistance provided goes to real and legitimate needs.

The Herrin House of Hope was the vision of local churches who wanted to do more than put a bandage on the problems of the needy they saw every day.  They wanted to provide both physical and spiritual help to families in financial crisis and to do so in a way that moved them toward being independent and self-sustaining. 


Daily Hot Lunches – The Herrin House of Hope will provide daily hot lunches at no charge.  While donations are accepted from those who have means, the meal is free to all. Lunch is served Monday through Friday from 11 to 1.

Thrift Store - The Herrin House of Hope Thrift Store is open Monday through Friday from 11 to 2. The Thrift Store offers gently used clothing, household items and furniture at low cost to the community. Vouchers for free clothing are available to all of those in need. We are Thankful for the Partnership with Helen Honey's and Our Direction for their Valuable Contributions to our Ministry. 

Monthly Food Assistance – The Herrin House of Hope distributea food to qualified people, the third week of, each month.  Our goal is to supplement the help provided by the Herrin Community Pantry so that people in need will have a continuing source of nutritious food. 

Daily Food Distribution - On Most Days of the week, we are blessed with fresh fruit, bread or produce in abundance, which we are able to pass on to those in need in the community.


Emergency Housing and Utility Assistance – While these expenses are often beyond our limits, we will work with people when possible to provide limited assistance for shelter and necessary utilities.

Clearing House for Other Assistance – There are many groups and agencies that provided assistance to people in need.  The Herrin House of Hope will serve as information central to help people secure assistance from all these sources. 

Training – The Herrin House of Hope offers mentoring and training to help people step out of the despair of poverty and into the satisfaction of making one’s own future.  We hope to host training session on financial management, job search skills, nutrition and other topics that will help secure success.